Celebrating World Poetry Day

Micro-poetry contest winners

Theme – Identity

Number of lines – 1 to 6


– Jim Landwehr

To live with the running commentary in my head

of who I am not, or how I should do better,

focused on what has fallen to the cutting floor,

instead of the magnificently edited screenplay,

critically acclaimed by friends and loved ones

is a helluva way to go through this one glorious life.

Self to self

– Susan Carpenter Sims

I can do nothing

to keep you alive


bless the deathless in you.


– Mari Stewart

I define myself,

I am a constellation

of recovered parts.

Hide and Seek

– Beck Anson

The joy is not in the hiding,

it is in the being found.


– Neha Takwani

A hollow body I was, looking for acceptance outside,

knowing always of what I am inside,

I solved myself like a rubik’s cube,

until a voice within me screamed,

you’re you,

Serendipitous blues!