About Us

Ananya Dhawan

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

An editor by profession, Ananya holds a Masters in English Literature, and a certificate each in language skills and creative writing from the British Council, New Delhi. She loves writing poetry in her spare time and has been published by various online and offline platforms. She published her first collection of poems titled ‘Dew and Daze’ in 2017 and an anthology of poems titled ‘A Breath of Verses’ in 2019.

She currently resides in Stockton, California.

Kade Draven Freeland

Editor & Website Monkey

Kade is a lover of literature and nerd things. He serves as editor for several publications, including The Literatus Magazine and The Common Tongue Magazine, and considers language & writing to be his passions. Kade received his B.A. in Linguistics from UCSD, and holds several English teaching certificates. He is fluent in Japanese, Spanish, and Draconian, and yet people still don’t understand him when he starts talking about DnD or the tonality of certain woods.

Kade currently resides in Kagoshima, Japan, but travels so frequently he often forgets where he is. He thinks writing in third-person is pretty strange, but also admits it feels rather epic.

Jennifer Walne

Content Editor

Jennifer is a recent graduate whose everyday routine usually revolves around writing in some way, whether it’s editing, trying to write, or actually managing to write. She lives in Cambridge, UK, and is always dreaming of somewhere else.


Social Media & PR

Michael Joachim is a Nigerian poet, screenwriter, copy editor, and the author of The Theodore Illusion and several other books. He is a graduate of English and literary studies, and is furthering his career in filmmaking. If you don’t find Michael writing, he’s probably posting on social media about  books and literature.